Wake and Bake…Your Face?!

Remember high school?  More specifically, remember make-up trends back when our generation was in high school?  I was shopping at the mall in San Antonio a few months ago and overheard a young lady say she was buying make-up for homecoming.  Homecoming!  I know that shouldn't sound like a big deal, but you should have… Continue reading Wake and Bake…Your Face?!


Learning How To Pray…Again. (Part I)

I've gone years without praying.  I mean, years.  And to be completely transparent, I'm not so sure all the prayers I did send up before weren't just generic ramblings from a girl who needed something.  You know.  Things like, "Lord, please don't let my parents find out about the party I had while they were… Continue reading Learning How To Pray…Again. (Part I)