Wake and Bake…Your Face?!

Remember high school?  More specifically, remember make-up trends back when our generation was in high school?  I was shopping at the mall in San Antonio a few months ago and overheard a young lady say she was buying make-up for homecoming.  Homecoming!  I know that shouldn't sound like a big deal, but you should have… Continue reading Wake and Bake…Your Face?!


Eyelash Extensions: Are They Worth It?

My husband and I travel...a lot.  His job sites are constantly changing, so every few months we pack up our home into boxes, load up the family and everything we own, and make the haul to our next destination.  Between the career that supports our family and the trips we take for recreation, we've visited… Continue reading Eyelash Extensions: Are They Worth It?


Fall Fashion: Boutique Try-On

I'm currently in an evolutionary stage of my life.  Not only am I trying to work on my inside, but I'm also working on the outside, too.  I've never been one to take extremely good care of myself.  I've abused my body in more ways than I care to admit.  But this past year, I've… Continue reading Fall Fashion: Boutique Try-On


Why Laser Hair Removal Was Totally Worth It

I cannot believe that I am sitting here...typing...about to share one of my biggest unpretty insecurities.  But I am.  And I really don't think I'm the only woman who has this problem.  As a matter a fact, I know I'm not.  So let's talk about it.  Let's talk about unwanted hair in unwanted places. I… Continue reading Why Laser Hair Removal Was Totally Worth It


This vs. That: MAC vs. NARS Foundation

My family and I are currently living in South Texas.  If you've never visited good ole' South Texas in mid-August, I'll try to paint you a picture:  I'm pretty sure this is where the devil vacations.  It's THAT HOT.  So this summer when it came to my make-up, I've had some issues (because apparently this… Continue reading This vs. That: MAC vs. NARS Foundation


This vs. That: Make-Up Primer

By now most of you know that, at 36 years old, I'm going through a whole self-makeover...inside and out.  I've never been one of those women that put in all the effort to learn how to contour my facial features.  Or make my eyebrows look flawless.  Or master the perfect cat-eye.  Or look up make-up… Continue reading This vs. That: Make-Up Primer