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25 Household Items That Will Make Your Life Easier

My daughter’s room looks like a claw machine threw up all over it.  I noticed this the other day when I was looking for a place to put all of her stuffed animals, without them taking up her entire room.  It’s a zoo in there.  Literally.  A few months ago I created a zoo-like environment using all of her stuffed animals and we went around and fed them dry macaroni.  It kept her interest until the noodles ran out.  Then I was left with finding a home for all of her furry friends.

Later that night while I was making dinner, I started noticing all of the little items that I usually take for granted.  Kitchen essentials, toy organizers, household items.  I started walking around my entire house looking for things that help my family stay organized and (somewhat) put together.  Then I started thinking of the items I’ve seen around other homes of people I have visited, and things that have always been recommended to me.

This list includes a little bit of everything.  Some obvious things that a lot of you may already have, and some less obvious items that I have found to be great organizational (or child proofing) hacks.  If I don’t already have everything on this list, please know that I either know someone who does, I have already ordered it and am patiently waiting on shipping, or it’s on my wish list.  I always stay honest with my readers and will never recommend a product if I don’t already use, or plan on using it in the near future.

With that being said, let’s jump on in.

Disclaimer:  I have provided affiliate links throughout this blog post.  I make a commission from purchases made using one of my provided links.  This comes at no extra cost to you and is greatly appreciated.  Happy shopping, friends.  

25 Household Items That Will Make Your Life Easier

  1.  Food Chopper 


I have this and I absolutely love it!  This was the product that truly inspired me to make this list.  If you cook at home for your family, this item is a must-have in your kitchen.  I use this chopper constantly to save time when chopping all of my vegetables.  And it comes with different sizes so you can adjust the size of pieces you need.  This thing has held up so well and if it ever breaks, I will immediately buy another one.  It’s that good.

To shop food choppers on Amazon, click HERE

2.  Cereal Savers


If your household is anything like mine, then your cereal boxes get opened just like a Christmas present.  Even if they aren’t torn to pieces upon initial opening, the cereal, somehow, still ends up getting stale.  Have you ever tried eating stale Fruit Loops?  They stick to your teeth like wax.  It’s annoying.  These containers will save your cereal and, let’s be real, it makes your pantry look better than those wrinkled old boxes do.  There are so many different options too, so you can get fancy or just go basic.  It’s all up to you!

To shop cereal savers on Amazon, click HERE

3.  Serving Size Tupperware


I got this set of serving size Tupperware a few years ago when I signed up for some Beach Body workouts.  Again, this is something that we use all the time.  I use them to put salad dressing in my husbands lunch.  I use them as little serving bowls for my toddler and also put them in her lunchbox.  They make great carriers for snacks in the diaper bag.  The possibilities for these little baby containers are endless.  And, as a bonus, a lot of these have meal plans included.  Score!  You need these in your pantry.

To shop serving size Tupperware on Amazon, click HERE

4.  Kid’s Lunchbox Containers


I bought my daughter one of these and we use it every Tuesday and Thursday when she goes to Mother’s Day Out at our church.  It’s an easy way to make sure none of her lunch gets smashed on the commute or before she gets to eat it.  You can go super fancy with these, or you can make it simple.  Most of these are BPA free and dishwasher safe, which helps with easy clean up.

To shop kid’s lunchbox containers on Amazon, click HERE

5.  Cake Tupperware


This is the last Tupperware related item, I promise.  But I got this after my grandma passed, (it was hers) and I’ve used it since then.  This thing is so durable and perfect for transporting a cake to any event.  You got picked to make the red velvet cake at Easter?  Awesome!  Stick that baby in this Tupperware and you will have no worries on your way to Aunt Glenda’s Easter dinner.  It will arrive safely and untouched.  I always remembered this from my childhood.  My grandma would put all of her cakes in it.  I guess I just never considered it’s efficiency until now.

To shop cake Tupperware on Amazon, click HERE

6. Cake Dome


This is another thing I inherited from my grandma and honestly, I wasn’t sure I would ever use it except for when I’m entertaining…which is almost never.  But I brought this home in December and I’ve already used it a handful of times.  When it comes to sheet cakes, you can just wrap some foil around it and call it a day.  Most of the time, the sheet cake will stay fresh.  But when you make a bundt cake or something like monkey bread, display and freshness can be an issue.  I made monkey bread at Christmas and it stayed fresh under this dome.  It was the same thing with a bundt cake I made.  Not only did they both stay fresh, they looked really good.  Again, you can get this in a fancy style or keep it simple.  Here is a picture of the one I got from my grandma…


To shop cake domes on Amazon, click HERE

7.  Pool Noodles


I owe this list item to my husband because he is the one that came up with (or saw) this idea.  Pool noodles aren’t just a floating device anymore folks!  Nope!  They work for child-proofing as well.  My three-year-old is the exact same height as our kitchen counter tops.  If it wasn’t for these pool noodles, I am almost certain we would have already made a trip to the hospital for a head injury.  Anyone else have a child that runs full speed forward while looking backward?  These noodles have saved her more than once.  And the best part, they are cheaper than other child proof items and don’t leave a sticky residue when they are removed.  They are also super easy to take off and put back on when you want to clean underneath them.  If you have a child who doesn’t watch where he/she is going, this is a must!

Here is a picture of my kitchen…


To shop pool noodles on Amazon, click HERE

8.  Child-Proof Door Knobs


Another product that has probably saved my daughter more than once.  We are currently renting our house, so implementing screw in child-proof items aren’t really an option for us.  These door knobs easily snap on and off and make it impossible for a child to open the door.  We have one of these on every single door in our house besides her bedroom door.

To shop child-proof door knob covers on Amazon, click HERE

9.  Peppermint Essential Oil


I’m not an essential oil advocate or anything, but I will tell you why this has made it on the list.  We live in South Texas and the spiders around here are insane!  I’ve seen tarantulas and camel spiders, along with others, inside and directly right outside of our house.  Putting 20-25 drops of peppermint oil in 18 ounces of mop water repels them.  This is the most natural way to protect my home from these eight-legged critters, and I don’t have to worry about the poisons that are in spider bombs.  If you have a problem with spiders, invest in some peppermint oil.  I really have noticed a huge difference.

To shop peppermint essential oils on Amazon, click HERE

10.  Woven Baskets


First of all, so many choices!  They make these in all kinds of styles and sizes.  I use these to store some of my daughters toys in the living room so they aren’t spread out all of over the floor.  We also have two on their bathroom counter that holds their hairbows.  I love that you can pick any style to match your needs…and your home décor.

To shop woven baskets on Amazon, click HERE

11.  Filing System


I know a lot of people go digital.  Most people go digital these days.  But some things you just can store on a computer.  That’s where a filing system comes in.  I don’t know if it’s because I come from an office background or what, but I have to have some sort of organization when it comes to my family’s important paperwork.  My husband and I use this to store our birth certificates, social security cards, the girls medical records, car and trailer titles…any and all important documents.  Again, these come in all shapes and sizes.  We chose the smaller one so it can fit in our safe for added security.  Just make sure you read the item description because some filing systems come with files and others do not.

To shop filing systems on Amazon, click HERE

12. Picture Boxes


One of my favorite things on this list.  I purchased one that is exactly like the blue one pictured above.  It has worked perfectly for storing my grandmother’s handwritten recipes that I hold so near and dear to my heart.  As I was looking for the pictures for this post, I ran across the “PHOTOS MEMORIES KEEPSAKES” three box set. I immediately ordered it.  I’m a super sentimental person and keep everything my daughter makes at church.  I also have all the letters that were sent to me while I was in Iraq and pictures from my time in the military.  There weren’t very many reviews for this set, so I’m hoping they are as good as I’m expecting.  I think they will work great for storing my keepsakes and memories.

To shop picture boxes on Amazon, click HERE

13. Laundry Separator Basket/Hamper


If you want fancy, they have it.  If you want efficient, they have it.  Sorting laundry can take more time that actually putting it away.  If you can get your family to at least aim for the right hole in this basket, you’ll save yourself some time.  They have hampers that are stationary or hampers with wheels so, if you’re like me, you can wheel it around your house while you pick up the clothes that have been thrown everywhere.  I was a little skeptic before I used one of these, but it really has helped keep laundry organized…if that’s even a thing.

To shop laundry separator hampers on Amazon, click HERE

14. Tank Top Hangers


Calling all tank top wearing women, your saving grace is here!  This is another item I can credit to my husband.  He brought some of these home for me and I was flabbergasted!  I had never seen these hangers (maybe I’m late to the game), but I was so happy to end the ten-tank-tops-on-one-hanger epidemic.  This has not only helped me organize my closet, but my closet actually looks cleaner too.  Win/win!

To shop tank top hangers on Amazon, click HERE

15.  Wrinkle Release Spray


Okay, this stuff has been around for a super long time.  But if you have never heard of it, today is your day.  We don’t own an iron, and we travel a lot.  I know those are two very random facts about my family, but they’re true.  I keep a wrinkle release in my laundry room and my car.  It saves so much time because there is no iron needed and you can use it anywhere.  No more wrinkly road trip clothes!  And it adds a sense of freshness without the scent smelling too much like a Febreze cover up.

To shop wrinkle release spray on Amazon, click HERE

16.  Mobi Wrap


If you are a mother with a small child, this is a must-have product.  I actually have two.  I use this constantly, not only when we are out and about, but when I’m cooking dinner or cleaning my house and my infant refuses to let me put her down.  There’s really nothing better than being able to get baby snuggles and housework done at the same time.

To shop mobi wraps on Amazon, click HERE

17. Toy Organizer


My son has one of these in his room and it works wonders!  When he was little, I could separate his similar toys.  Hot Wheels in one container.  Legos in another container.  Action figures in another…and the list goes on.  Now that he’s older, we took the buckets out and use the rack for his Nerf guns.  I just ordered one of these for my toddler’s room, as well. Because homeless toys are the number one reason for Lego’s getting stepped on.

To shop toy organizers on Amazon, click HERE

18.  Toy Hammock


Remember those stuffed animals I mentioned earlier?  Problem solved!  Again, I had one of these for my son when he was younger and I cannot believe I forgot about this handy dandy thing until just recently.  It also works for balls!  If you have a surplus of stuffed animals (or balls), you need this in your life.  It keeps them up and out of the way.

To shop toy hammocks on Amazon, click HERE

19.  Bath Toy Organizer


Holy good reviews!  It seems like a lot of people purchased (and loved) this bath toy organizer.  I can totally see why.  Not only does it hold bath toys, it also has a place for shampoo, body wash, or bubble bath.  No more clutter on the sides or bottom of your tub.  Again, I ordered this as soon as I saw it.

To shop bath toy organizers on Amazon, click HERE

20.  Nose Frida


Okay.  I’ll admit that the whole concept of this little gadget completely freaked me out at first.  Sucking the snot and boogers out of my child’s nose?  No…thank you.  However, my cousins raved about this so much that my mother went out and bought me one.  It was nothing like I expected.  There is a filter that keeps anything gross from being sucked into your mouth (phew!), and it actually works a lot easier and more efficiently than the traditional nose sucker.  This is another must-have for anyone who has little ones at home.

To shop nose fridas on Amazon, click HERE

21. Car Organizer


This is something my cousin had that I saw and absolutely fell in love with.  She kept her “caddy” in the back seat floor board and filled it with extra diapers, wipes, snacks, and road trip games.  How genius is that?  We travel all the time and have two small children.  There are so many different styles to choose from, and  I have no idea why I didn’t think of this before.  Ordered.

To shop car organizers on Amazon, click HERE

22.  Steering Wheel Desk


Whatttt?!  Thank you, again, to my husband for this little gem.  One of his work associates cut one out of wood for him and he uses it everyday at work.  If you, or your man, have to do paperwork in your vehicle, this is the perfect product for you.  Add to cart.

To shop steering wheel desks on Amazon, click HERE

23. Lap Desk


A lot of you may already have one of these.  But if you don’t, and you do a lot of work on your laptop in bed, you absolutely need one of these in your life.  It’s literally a portable desk.  Scott purchased one of these for me and I love it.  Before, I would just put my laptop on my, well, lap.  But it was never very steady.  This is perfect for when you’re on the go or at home relaxing.  And, once again, so many different styles to choose from.

To shop lap desks on Amazon, click HERE

24. Series of Bible Studies


Okay.  So maybe this isn’t technically a “household item”, but it will definitely make your life easier.  If you are a beginner at studying the Bible, the New Inductive Study Series by Kay Arthur is what you need.  This is the only study I have found that can break down the Bible in a way that I can understand it.  It’s written in a way that encourages you to open your Bible every single day.  And there is a study in this series for every single book in the Bible.  I 100% will always recommend these studies.  The studies that I have done so far are linked below.  But you can find any of the book studies on Amazon.  Some of the books in the Bible will be in the same study book with other books of the Bible.  (Example:  You will find the study on the book of Philippians in the same study as the book of Colossians.).  All of the books in the New Inductive Study Series will have the same blue cover.

To shop the books of Philippians and Colossians on Amazon, click HERE

To shop the book of John on Amazon, click HERE

To shop the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy on Amazon, click HERE

To shop the book of Proverbs on Amazon, click HERE

25.  Cellphone Tri-Pod


This little gadget is awesome!  You can use this to take pictures of yourself or your entire family.  The legs are bendy and wrap around anything.  When my tri-pod isn’t in my purse, it’s wrapped around the pole of my ring light.  Everyone needs one of these on standby for those unexpected photo opportunities.  There are some things a selfie stick just can’t capture.

To shop cellphone tri-pods on Amazon, click HERE

I hope if you choose to purchase any of the items on this list, that they help you as much as they have helped me.  As always, please browse and read the reviews yourself to find the product that will work best for you and your family.  Whether it be organization, child-proofing, or kitchen essentials, safety (along with saving time and money) is always my number one priority.

Did I miss anything?  Let me know in the comment section below!  I love to hear feedback (positive or negative) from my readers and community.  Also, I always appreciate shares and follows on social media.  Let’s hang out!  Find me on Instagram and Pinterest: @finding.mrs.carter or click the widgets at the bottom of the screen (mobile device) or side of screen (computer).















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