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15 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him – Under $100

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’ve been going bonkers trying to figure out what to get my husband.  We’ve never really made a huge deal out of this somewhat cliché holiday, but we do always try to get a little something for each other and our girls.

This year I didn’t want to go with the traditional chocolates and a card.  I wanted to do something different.  So I spent the better part of two days looking on Pinterest for ideas, and Amazon for products.  I’ve read the reviews, purchased some of these items myself, and narrowed it down to make this list for you.

15 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Man!

Let’s check out the goods…

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  1.  Whiskey Decanter Globe Set with Glasses


Okay.  My husband I don’t really drink…but this thing is super cool.  I honestly almost purchased it just for some home décor.  The globe design on the decanter and glasses gives it a certain sophistication and makes a great addition to any liquor cabinet or office.

To shop decanter sets from Amazon, click HERE

2. I Love You Soundwave Art


How sweet is this artwork?  I ordered this for my husband just because I thought it was so cute.  It’s a simple way to let your man know you love him.  This soundwave sign is the same price as a decent box of chocolates…only he can keep this forever.  It’s perfect if you aren’t wanting to spend much.

To shop soundwave artwork from Amazon, click HERE

3.  Storm Glass Weather Predictor


I bought one of these for Scott last Father’s Day and he loves it!  This is so cool.  The crystals inside change formation according to the weather.  I will say, watch out if you do plan on buying one of these.  READ THE REVIEWS!  There are a lot of novelty storm glasses out there and they are meant only for decoration.  This specific one is the one we bought and it works well.  It also got great reviews from other buyers.  Perfect for the man who works outside and is always keeping an eye on the weather.

To shop this storm glass from Amazon, click HERE

4.  Leather Journal


Okay.  I know this won’t be a lot of guy’s cup of tea.  I know my husband would never write in a journal.  But I genuinely considered getting it for him anyway.  He is constantly writing things down for work and I thought it would be nice for him to have a book where he can keep all of his notes together.  Truthfully, the writer in me probably loves this way more than he would and she is the reason this is on the list.  This is such a unique and different book, that I deemed it list worthy.  I might buy one for myself…

To shop this journal on Amazon, click HERE

5.  Hubby/Wifey Coffee Mugs


This is another good idea if you want to go simple.  Busy couples and parents often don’t get much alone time together.  So if your idea of a “date” with your husband is morning coffee together before the kids wake up or your day gets started, then this is the gift for you.

To shop this mug set on Amazon, click HERE

6.  UGG House Slippers


My husband has these and, again, he loves them!  They are so comfortable.  When I first purchased these, I was a little worried because we live in South Texas.  UGG is somewhat considered cooler weather gear and I was concerned that these would get too hot.  They don’t.  The temperature stays comfortable and these slippers are some of the most durable I have ever seen.  Scott is like a bull in a china shop.  He’s rough on everything.  These babies have held up and survived him.  You definitely get what you pay for.

To shop these UGG slippers on Amazon, click HERE

7.  Magnetic Copper Bracelet


My husband swears by these.  He was a bull rider in college and he also rode dirtbikes.  He has arthritis, carpal tunnel, and sore wrist joints.  Ya’ll, these bracelets really do help.  Scott almost never takes his off.  There are so many different designs too, so it’s not difficult to find one that will fit your man’s taste.

To shop magnetic copper bracelets on Amazon, click HERE

8.  Battle Ropes


This is great for a fitness enthusiast because this is a hardcore workout.  We have two sets.  A smaller set for me and a bigger one for Scott.  You can pick your preferred width and length of the ropes.  Get ready for your man to be built like The Hulk!  Nothing says “I love you” quite like exercise gear, amirite?!

To shop battle ropes on Amazon, click HERE

9.  Puzzle Piece Keychain


Another great, simple and affordable idea.  It’s like a BFF necklace…but for your husband!  Too cute.  You complete me.  You.  Complete.  Me.

To shop puzzle keychains, click HERE

10.   Couples Card Games


This is good for those of us that can’t get out and go on an actual date on Valentine’s Day.  Make a date at home!  These cards are good for starting conversations, learning more about each other, challenging each other, and getting saucy.  (Ooohhh la la)

To shop couples card games on Amazon, click HERE

11.  A Devotional For Men/Couples


Again, not everyone will be on board with this…and that’s okay.  I’m trying to put a little something in here for all kinds.  Personally though, Scott and I operate on our Faith.  We have had our fair share of marital issues, as do all, and I credit our ability to “stick it out” to our shared spiritual beliefs.  Any growth is good.  But to grow in Faith with your spouse surpasses it all.  This can be a gift for the both of you.  And trust me.  It’s money well spent.

To shop devotionals on Amazon, click HERE

12.  Silver


Like I said, some of these gifts are really unique.  Silver isn’t something that people normally think of when it comes to gift ideas…unless they know someone who collects it…like my husband does.  The cool thing about that is this:  if my husband loses all of his money or American currency becomes no good for some reason, he will always have  silver…and it will always be worth something.  And there are so many cool choices for silver bullion.

To shop silver on Amazon, click HERE

13.  Yeti Travel Mug 


My husband got this mug from one of the jobs that he worked and I use it more than he does.  He doesn’t drink coffee…but I’m a coffee addict so I can testify to the quality of these products.  I don’t always agree with the Yeti corporation’s politics, but their travel mugs are legit, and this particular mug is more affordable than expected from this company.  This is a must have for any coffee lover on the go.

To shop Yeti travel mugs on Amazon, click HERE

14.  Poker Set


This is a great activity your husband can do with you or on a boy’s night with his friends.  I’m not super good at playing poker, but my husband has used this set to attempt to teach me.  Great quality and reviews.  Comes complete with carrying case for easy travel and storage.

To shop poker sets on Amazon, click HERE

15.  Fire Pit


We have one of these in our back yard and we use it all the time.  You can’t really go wrong with a fire pit.  It’s perfect for outdoor parties and bonfires.  There are so many different options that are reasonably priced and fire pits make a great, useful gift the whole family will enjoy.  Your gift will, quite literally, be fire.

To shop fire pits on Amazon, click HERE

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I hope this list gives you some fresh, new and different gift ideas for your main squeeze.  Valentine’s Day is a day devoted to pampering our loved ones…but it’s important to remember that our time here on Earth is short.  So use every single day, not just this one day, to celebrate the ones you love and feel blessed for the family you’ve been given.

Happy Valentine’s Day, from our family to yours.  XO

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