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6 Educational Toys For Toddlers

I love my toddler with every ounce of my being.  But sometimes she can act like a true banshee.  Her energy level is comparable to that of the animated Tasmanian devil.  Running in circles, shouting words and phrases only she can understand, and leaving a cloud of smoke and a huge mess in any and all areas she decides to blow through.

It…can be…a lot.

Being a stay-at-home mom, she stays on my heels regularly.  If I want to get house chores done, take a shower, or feed my infant, I have to keep Elli Blu busy.  Otherwise, she’s all up in my binniss.

Look how freaking adorable she is though…

Elliana Blu – 3 years old

As I mentioned above, I am a SAHM so up until recently, she had never spent any time in a daycare setting.  If I wanted her to learn anything, it was totally on me.

Since toddlers aren’t really famous for their attention spans, I knew that if I wanted to teach her anything, I was going to have to make it fun.

Between myself and my husband, my mother (who is an educator) and my mother-in-law (who is also an educator), we did some research, tested the products and have found six great educational toys that can keep her attention, and make learning fun.

Check them out…

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links provided throughout this post.  I may make a commission from any purchases made using one of my provided links.  This comes at no extra cost to you and is greatly appreciated.  Happy reading, friends.  

Number OneRichard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever

Okay.  Technically this isn’t a “toy”.  But it’s still fun when you do it together and, trust me when I say, it includes ev-er-y-thing.  Holidays, seasons, body parts, zoo animals, farm animals, fruits, vegetables, tools, sizes, cars, trucks, tools, machines, planes, trains, automobiles…and a partridge in a pear tree.  Okay…maybe not that last one…but everything else.  I can see Elli Blu challenge herself with this book and work really hard at trying to identify and memorize everything in it.  It’s a book FILLED with all of the basic words and it has been extremely helpful and beneficial.

img_1945 You can purchase this book through Amazon by clicking here.

Number TwoJumbo Counting Bears with Stacking Cups

These things are so much fun!  They are probably my favorite toy she has.  It teaches colors, stackings, patterns, matching, sorting, counting…all kinds of good stuff.  It does come with a lot of pieces, so we just have to be careful to keep them together and make sure they don’t get lost.  There is also an ice cream cone version that is cute and has the same concept.  These are interactive games that can be played together or solo.


You can purchase these counting bears through Amazon by clicking here.

Number ThreeBig Preschool Workbook

This book is so big and so awesome.  It is filled with activites.  Connect the dots, mazes, letter tracing, number tracing, coloring…you name it, it’s in this book.  I did a few of these with Elli Blu and in a matter of no time, she was able to do them on her own.  I absolutely recommend picking up this interactive gold mine.  It’s affordable, and worth every penny.


You can purchase this workbook through Amazon by clicking here.

Number FourSet of Four Flash Cards

This item, again, includes all of the basics.  Numbers, Alphabet, First Words, and Colors and Shapes.  The alphabet set is probably my daughter’s favorite and she gets excited every time we come across her favorite letter.  I do have to keep these out of her reach, though.  Otherwise, we would be playing one million card pick up.  Not.  Fun.

Each set of flash cards comes with a ring for easy handling.

You can purchase these flash cards through Amazon by clicking here.

Number FiveMelissa & Doug Wooden Puzzles

Ahhhh…good old Disney characters.  My daughter absolutely loves these puzzles.  I do too.  What I love about them is that, not only do they help to teach her numbers, letters, colors, and shapes, but their pegs make them easy for her to handle, and the durability is incredible!  They have been stepped on, thrown, lost, abused.  And they are still holding up wonderfully.  She can do all of them super quick now, and again, I can see her challenging herself with these puzzles.  Definetly a great purchase!

Puzzles include the alphabet, numbers 0-9, and shapes.

You can purchase these wooden puzzles through Amazon by clicking here.

Number Six –  Kindle Fire: Kids Edition

Momma’s out there who are against electronics in their home, please don’t hate me.  A year ago my husband and I would have sworn that our daughters would never have any type of electronic gadgets until they were older.  (I never did like the taste of crow.).  Today is a different story.  We got her this tablet close to a year ago, and it really has proven itself to be a learning tool.  One of my favorite parts about it is that it doesn’t have to be connected to WIFI to be used.  I connected ours to WIFI just long enough to download a bunch of games, and then I logged off.  Just like any other tablet, the games are still there and don’t use data when they are being played.  The only time I log back on is when I want to see if there are any new games we don’t have yet.  And it has all kinds of options.  She does puzzles, story time, “cooking”, reading, drawing, coloring, dirt bike racing, word searches…pretty much anything you can come up with.  We do always try to limit her screen time to a minimum and it hasn’t seemed to bother her that her time is limited.  Also, I do halfway credit this device to any peaceful shower I was able to take within the last year.  Thank you, Kindle.

There are other colors available in case selection.

You can purchase this tablet through Amazon by clicking here.

We always try to keep an eye out for the newest, most fun educational toys.  Whenever I come across something that I think is incredible, I always try to share it with you guys.  If I have left anything out, or you know of an educational toddler tool that I missed, please let me know!

If you found this post helpful, or have questions or comments, I would love to hear from you.  Leave me a comment below and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest!



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