I Have No Fashion Sense

I bought a new purse this summer. Yep. Sure did. Got it at surf shop in Corpus Christi, Texas. It was only $30 and had me absolutely captured by all of the sarape-like colors and striped pattern. It was a boho style so I knew I may have a little trouble finding all of my stuff in the never-ending bottom, but it had a cute little pocket on the outside so I figured I could store all the stuff I really needed in there for easy access.
You know how things always seem better than they really are in the beginning? Purses, apparently, are no different. I looked over at it one day and suddenly noticed all of the flaws that seemingly weren’t there before. The shoulder strap was tied in a god-awful place. The hems were starting to come undone. And that cute little pocket on the front? Well, it barely stayed closed with the weakest Velcro I’ve ever seen and it wasn’t even centered in the middle of the purse. I was so over this handbag and more ready for a break-up than I had ever been.
“That pocket on the front of my purse isn’t even centered in the middle. I don’t know how I didn’t notice that when I bought it!” I told my husband as soon as he walked in the door because this was obviously a travesty.
“Really? I noticed it as soon as you brought it home.” He replied.
Okay you guys. He NEVER told me this. He just let me walk around with a crooked purse pocket for like…6 days. Why are husbands so oblivious to cluing a girl in? It’s like the whole lipstick on our teeth thing, gentlemen. WE WANT TO KNOW!! We went back and forth in conversation for a while about the bad engineering of this what was now considered the ugliest handbag, maybe ever. This led to my husband saying something that played a big part in the start of my style evolution.
“Babe, your whole wardrobe looks like it was sewn by a third grade sewing class.” He said.
Before you think he’s a jerk, please know he’s totally not. I looked over at the purse and then down at the outfit I was wearing that day and realized he was 100% correct. I looked ridiculous. Sloppy. I was wearing paint stained yoga pants, a faded solid red tank top that had turned a completely different color in the armpit area, no bra, and 99 cent flip flops that were starting to come apart. And that was just my get-up. My hair (which is another whole story in itself), was completely matted, my eyebrows looked like a baby caterpillar chasing it’s momma, and I hadn’t worn make-up in weeks. I looked like I had completely let myself go and no longer cared, tried, or cared to try. It was that moment when I looked down that I knew I wanted a change. And my sweet husband, Scott, had been so patient with me. In fact, he had apparently never really liked my purses or wardrobe choices. We had been together almost four years at this point and this was the first I had heard of it. When I asked him why he hadn’t mentioned it before he told me because he thought I liked how I looked and that was what mattered. Awwwww, shucks.
Don’t get me wrong. Us having this conversation certainly isn’t the only reason I’ve began this journey. A lot of variables played a role. I’m not even sure I could name them. Age, maybe? Maybe because I’m about to give birth to my second little girl and I want to raise ladies? Maybe I just got tired of looking unkept. I got tired of not giving a shit. I’ve been changing and growing a lot lately…for the better, I think…and I want to feel on the outside how I’m starting to feel on the inside. I want one to reflect the other. I’m ready for a change. A big, fat, drastic one. The problem with this? I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. Like…zilch. Seriously…I don’t even know what an accessory is. When ya’ll say “accessory”, are you talking about jewelry? Or are you talking about purses, and hats, and shoes and scarves? Things like that? And that’s just about accessories! Let’s not forget about outfits altogether. What shoes go with what pants? Is brown and black together really that big of a deal? Can tall boots go with linen skirts? Does this neon headband make me look like an 80’s rock band groupie? I genuinely don’t know. And it’s taken me almost 36 years to gather up the nerve and “want-to” to ask and find out.
So, that’s why I’m here. To ask all the (sometimes really dumb) questions. I believe we can learn a lot, about anything really, if we are willing to ask questions and consult the pro’s. Who wouldn’t want to take pointers from someone who knew what they were doing? It’s even better when that someone can tell you where to find good stuff on a budget. Saving money and finding good deals are better than running into an ex on a day when you look like a Kardashian. (SCORE!!) It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.
This is so exciting. And here is the coolest part about all of it: I don’t even have my own sense of style yet! This means I’m open to well, pretty much anything! And I’m willing to try it all. This is where you guys, my readers come in, too. If you know a fashion secret, please spill it here. Think you know of someone I should follow on Pinterest or Instagram? Tell me all about it and where to find them!! Have a question you want to ask for yourself and need to use a safe platform to ask it? Take the reins and ask away! I more than likely need to know the answer too and just haven’t thought of the question. So, thank you! I want to hear from you. I want your help and I want to, hopefully, help others in the process. I’m looking and hoping for anything ya got. I want to know all the secrets. I’m super stoked about this part of my own evolution and I especially look forward to walking through it with all of you. Now…if only I could have a soundtrack and a really kick-ass montage…

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